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We admire Theo Epstein as much as anyone — OK, maybe a little less — but secretly we've always kind of suspected that, for all the Yale and sabremetrics and what-not, he's pretty much just a big dumb likable Boston frat guy like pretty much everybody else our age we run into while out in Boston. (Don't hate! Not an insult! We love Boston's nightlife!) We think we came to this conclusion when we saw him celebrating right after the Red Sox won the World Series; he was jumping up and down and screaming like a guy who had just hit a particularly huge shot in Golden Tee. We like this about him; do not get us wrong.

The great minds at Yard Work capture this brilliantly in a new mock post called "Theo Epstein: What s On Your iPod?" Our personal favorite:

Pearl Jam - "Betterman" A great song off a great album. When I was in college, I didn t really "get" Vitalogy, especially the more experimental tracks like "Tremor Christ" and "foxymophandle." I wanted "Evener Flow" and "Even More Flow," you know? But songs like "Betterman" - written by Eddie when he was 14! - cut through all that willful "artistic" confusion and cut to the quick like the best Pearl Jam does. Reports says the new Jam - coming soon! - is going to be fantastic. You know I m stoked.

Honestly: You can't tell us Epstein hasn't had these exact thoughts before. (For the record, we don't hate Pearl Jam either.)

"Theo Epstein: What s On Your iPod?" [Yard Work]