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Watch A Darts Player Produce "Magic The Like Of Which We May Have Never Seen Or Ever See Again"

I won't pretend to know the rules of darts—I guess you don't have to hit the bulls-eye? I thought that was the main thing—but it's obvious something special is happening here when Michael van Gerwen takes over the PDC World Championship by hitting "a nine-darter"—and then nearly doing it again. The crowd freaks, the judges dressed as muppets can barely keep it together; everyone knows they're witnessing history. Here's comment from an expert, via the Telegraph:

"You may not see that happen ever, ever again," said former world championship semi-finalist Wayne Mardle, now working as a pundit for Sky Sports. "I almost did it once in practice. It's hard enough to do a nine-darter, but then to do nearly two in a row. And then to do it live. And then to do it in a semi-final. And then to do it in a world championship semi-final? We may never see that again."


Poor James Wade can only desolately toss his feeble darts somewhere in the direction of the board. No one was messing with van Gerwen that day. He went on to lose in the final, having used up all of his accuracy doing this, but it was obviously well worth it.

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