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A friend of ours yesterday was asking us why, in our unprofessional opinion, Chad Johnson receives so much love for his touchdown celebrations while the Panthers' Steve Smith, who scores more touchdowns, catches more passes and does his own fair share of creative celebrating, is barely noticed. We found this a compelling question; we hadn't thought about it that way. For a moment, we thought our friend might be right; maybe we weren't giving Smith enough credit.

But when Smith did his "changing the baby's diaper" routine after his touchdown yesterday, it solidified for us why Smith is a great player and a good touchdown celebrator, but he'll never be in Johnson's class. Smith's main two TD celebrations have been the diaper business yesterday, and his swashbuckler after a touchdown against the Buccaneers earlier this year. Those are both clever. But, ultimately, somewhat pedestrian; changing the diaper is a funny for emasculated suburban dads, at least until they remember that changing diapers really is a large part of their lives. Chad Johnson's celebrations? Cheerleaders, and golf. The artistry of touchdown celebrations has been lifted to a point that we can have discussions on their merit based on subtext; Johnson tempts you with what life could be like, while Smith reminds you what it is.

Of course, it's possible we're looking too much into it.

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