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Over the weekend, our man Woody Paige — whom we swear we're not picking on; we're gonna cut down on Woody news soon, promise — wrote his last column from the Denver Post, saying he's now going to "stick it out in New York for a while." We have no problem with this; we live in New York too, we like it here and totally understand wanting to stay here.

But the timing on Paige's decision is curious. See, "Cold Pizza" officially announced Friday that it will indeed be moving to 10 a.m. start time after the new year. "Mike And Mike In The Morning" will hold the 6 a.m.-10 a.m. slot on ESPN2, with "Cold Pizza" coming on afterwards and replaying again at noon. This means, of course, that "Cold Pizza" is no longer a morning show; it's, at best, brunch for the unemployed. At 8 a.m., maybe you catch some people before they go to work. At 10 a.m., it's filler; we will now see if it's possible for "Cold Pizza" to get lower ratings.


In other words, it's pretty plainly the beginning of the end for the show. Enjoy New York, Mr. Paige, and keep that resume handy.

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