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Hey, Dennis Rodman made some "news" over the weekend. After showing up at a book signing scandalously dressed in revolutionary drag, Rodman apparently showed up at a DJ Tiesto show at Crobar and got himself in a wee bit of trouble.

The former NBA star [jumped onstage and] doffed his shirt and pulled down his pants to expose his backside, prompting a disgusted Tiesto to storm offstage. "Rodman chased after him, screaming that that he was sorry and for him to come back," says a witness. A club spokesman confirmed that Rodman was escorted out when Tiesto refused to return to his turntables until "The Worm" was shown the door.

You can probably guess who the next quote in the story is. "They did not throw him out. I swear," said Rodman's agent Darren Prince. "We walked up on stage, and the deejay stopped playing, and the crowd was screaming, 'Rodman, Rodman, Rodman.' [Tiesto] did refuse to come back on, though, so that is true. He must have been p-d, I guess, but the crowd loved [Rodman]."

We can't really get worked up about this anymore, except to say that we suspect Prince is wearing one of those earpiece translators they use at the United Nations that makes every sound he hears — included a combination of boos and horrified screams upon witnessing a 40-somethings backside — sound like "Rodman! Rodman! Rodman!"

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