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Today's first athlete run-in story is about one of our favorite targets around here: Former NFL steroid freak Bill Romanowski, from Tia in Denver. Important to note in this story that Tia is female.

Back in '98 my girlfriend and I were at the Chop House in downtown Denver, having some drinks at the bar after work. Bill Romonowski came in with 3 other middle-aged, overly-buff white guys (they weren't Broncos) and sat at a table on the other side of the bar. My friend is a gorgeous girl who, when people ask her what she wanted to be when she was little, says, "Blonde and blue-eyed." (She got her wish.)

Anyway, one of Romo's friends (who was an executive with the Purina corporation - talk about strange bedfellows) came over, started talking to us and immediately paid our tab. He invited us over to their table and we accepted. Romo seemed agitated and said
very little. A few expensive entrees and $100 worth of booze later, my friend and I were just trying to keep ourselves together. About that time my friend made a joke and boozily said, "Oh, that's just because I'm blonde!"

Suddenly, Romo pushed back from the table, pointed at my friends crotch, bellowed "YOU ARE NOT BLONDE!" and stormed out of the restaurant. We all sat at the table in silence for a few moments, then the five of us shared one of the heartiest laughs of my entire life.

P.S.: Romo had it wrong; she is a true blonde.

We love the idea of Romanowski having a silent, secret mission to rid the world of bottle blondes.

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