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There's a cool little Web tradition called "Carnival Of The NHL," (they have one for the NBA too) where sports bloggers host all kinds of other sports bloggers' great posts about what's going on in the NHL. (If you're confused, here's the most recent one.) Because we're the new guys around here and because we really need to understand hockey better, we've offered to host this week's version.

If you're a hockey blogger and want to be included this week, the deadline to submit posts to is Thursday night at 7 p.m. Send a permalink to the NHL post you would like to see featured, along with a brief description by that time. We'll try to gather up what stray threads of hockey knowledge we have and put 'er up there for ya on Friday. And do speak slowly and be nice: We've only been to Canada once, and it was for an Expos game.

Carnival Of The NHL #14 [Hockey Dirt]

(Thanks to the great Off Wing Opinion for walking us through this.)