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Most common emailed story to us today: The report that "Quite Frankly" host Stephen A. Smith showed up in the press box of the USC-UCLA game with two bodyguards in tow. According to people who were there — we've heard from some people in the press box who saw it as well — it was the first time anyone can remember a press person bringing bodyguards into the press box. (We find it even more amazing that USC had enough extra press passes to give three to "Quite Frankly.")

To be honest, we are cautious of making fun of Stephen A. too much for the bodyguards; even though not that many people are watching his show, Smith is in the public eye, and sometimes that can bring out some crazies. Without knowing the details, who can tell? Maybe Smith did need some bodyguards. Or maybe they were just they were just trolling for potential audience members. Whatever works.

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