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All right, thanks to (now that Oddjack's gone, there are all kinds of sites we're gonna have to keep an eye on), we have a picture of Melissa Holden, the woman punched by Carolina Panthers cheerleader Renee Thomas after Holden interrupted Thomas' and Angela Keathley's Commode Copulation.

Holden is suing Thomas — but not Keathley — for $15,000, a small number to shoot for, if you ask us. Holden should ask for more money, because with Thomas' lack of a job with the Panthers anymore, she (and Keathley) might be forced to accept some of the alternative sources of potential income. But now we're just being unseemly.

By the way, we're informed Holden is not a professional cheerleader. No, really.

Whupped By A Panthers Cheerleader [Gambling 911]