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Count us as members of the "Allen Iverson Gets A Bad Rap" camp, though, in recent years, general consensus has turned our direction, and what the guy is doing on court this year is almost terrifying in its originality. But in 2002, when this week's first athlete run-in story takes place, Iverson was caught up in off-the-court woes. It comes from Dave in DC.

So, 4th of July 2002, I am in Washington DC grabbing lunch and a beer at a local brewery which happens to be next door to Club Platinum, which is hosting Allen Iverson's birthday party that weekend. I'm sitting at a table by the bar when I notice a short dude with jeanshorts (so long and baggy, they're like like capris) a baggy t-shirt, bandanna, cleveland indians baseball cap and ridiculous bling. It's a hammered Allen Iverson. My boy is WASTED. Keep in mind, it's 2 p.m. in the afternoon.

Being a big basketball fan who loves the way Iverson plays, I decided to try and get him to sign my coaster. I roll up to him and three of his boys while he's sitting outside the bar next to the TWO Bentleys (not one, but two, a red and a white one) parked outside and politely say I don't mean to bother him, but he's my favorite basketball player and could I have his autograph. He looks at me like I'm nuts, and shakes his head and says "you're kind of bothering me right now." Before his attack dog entourage starts yelling at me to get lost, I shuffle back to my seat humiliated. Two days later the story breaks that Allen got into a domestic dispute with his wife, when she eneded up outside their home stark naked on the 4th, the very day i ran into him. So I understood why he was in a bad mood and don't hold it against him.

That would do it. By the way, we're running low on these, so here's a gentle reminder that if you have athlete run-in stories of your own to share, send 'em to

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