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Via comes a helpful little Interweb primer from fans at Texas A&M: How To Dress Sexy For Football Games. It's apparently more complicated than you thought.

Finally it comes down to man kryptonite. The one thing that you ladies have that every man wants. Boobs. They don
t have to be huge or fake. They just have to be there for us to say whoa you can almost see her whole boob.

Needless to say, Florida State is the university that consistently comes out on top in this have-a-feeling-it's-not-as-tongue-in-cheek-as-we'd-like-it-to-be "derby." Let us not forget, by the way, that football games are sometimes, you know, cold. This is why, say, no Northwestern fans made the cut. Among other reasons.

How To Dress Sexy For Football Games [Aggie Revolution] (Via