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So we spent most of the day yesterday wondering why ESPN was reporting that our beloved Rickey Henderson had retired, even though not a single other media outlet had picked it up and it wasn't on They even did one of those generically rocking montages that ESPN does so well.

Problem is, Rickey isn't retiring. At least not according to his agent, who said, "Reports of his retiring are unfounded. He still plans to play. If no one gives him a job (in the majors), he plans to return to the San Diego Surf Dawgs as a player."


So how did ESPN get the story? (We found it curious that they never referred to a source, instead simply saying that Rickey had retired and just assuming it was true.) Supposedly, his mother — we bet Rickey Henderson's mother is a fascinating woman, by the way — said he was "thinking" about it, and former teammate Dave Stewart said he'd spoken with Rickey about a coaching role. (We would just love to watch Rickey give signs as a third-base coach.) But now it appears that Rickey's going to try to play again, because that's what Rickey does.

All you have to do, of course: "Pay Rickey!"

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