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Imagine, say, Michael Brown getting another job in disaster relief, or, maybe, Harriet Miers being renominated to the Supreme Court. Pretty much the real-world equivalents of Grady Little being hired as manager of the Dodgers yesterday.

Sure, Little gets along well with his players and has an impressive minor-league resume, two things Brown and Miers were seriously lacking. But Red Sox fans, they know. Let's see what they have to say.


Surviving Grady: ""Shout outs to all my bitches. Derek and I send much love."
Over The Monster: "Have fun with Derek Lowe, too. I'm sure he's going to love being back with you."
Chowdaheads: ""Here's today's starting line up...uh huh." (under a picture of Karl from Sling Blade.)

On the whole, though, Red Sox Nation has been mostly complimentary to Grady; a title will do that for you. Inside, though ... there's gotta be a collective giggle.

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