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Well, this is a nice day: The video of the Michael Irvin arrest a week-and-a-half ago has been released. It, as you might expect, makes for compelling viewing. Dallas' NBC-5 recounts the details.

It started out as a routine traffic stop along the Tollway in Plano, Texas. "I thought you looked familiar," a policeman tells Irvin on the tape. But it went quickly downhill from there. "I've got some bad news for you," the officer said. "You have some warrants out for your arrest."

Officers had learned that Irvin had a warrant out for his arrest for apparently failing to pay a traffic fine. While searching his car, police allegedly found a drug pipe with a plastic bag containing marijuana residue. The officer made a point of letting his dashboard camera record his find.

There's a slideshow of images, a grainy video and, aw jeez, all kinds of fun, really.