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It is not a fun time to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan, a fact that has been recognized by the fine folks at the Philadelphia Eagles "Blog Squad." How ever to juice up assuredly sagging Sitemeter rankings?

Ah, of course: Sign up a Playboy bunny to blog! Yep, the Eagles have fingered — sorry — Playmate Kendra Wilkinson to run Bird Bunny's Blog, a chronicle of life as an Eagles fan who publicly pretends to have sex with Hugh Hefner. (Warning: The site requires much laborious registration.) According to Philadelphia Will Do, Wilkinson — who looks more like a "Price Is Right" hostess than a Playmate to us — had trouble watching last Monday's game.

I tried to watch Monday night s game, I really did. it was awful! i watched the seattle game until the interception was returned for a touchdown and then i couldn t take it any more!

The Eagles are on. They're down 35-0. Hef is in the other room; he has just "juiced up," as he calls it. "Kendra! Kendra! Daddy's ready to for his 'nap." Kendra looks at the television. Damn you, T.O., she thinks, Damn you straight to Hell, turning off the television, taking a deep breath, thinking of endorsement deals, and heading into the bedroom.


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