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We, honestly, have been too focused on Facebook photos (or, as we like to call it, "sports blogging at its finest") and Anna Benson's right to devour lovable animals to hammer this as much as we'd like, but let us make clear: For baseball fans, this is a tremendously fun time to be a fan. (Even if the goddamn Cardinals are apparently just gonna sit on their stupid hands while half the darned starting lineup vanishes.)

With the arbitration deadline tonight and the winter meetings in Dallas cruising along, it's a kick to watch 30 general managers unleash their inner Gordon Gekko. We wanted to give you a little guide to the best rumor sites that we can't stop refreshing. Bookmark them all for the next 48 hours, and enjoy the obsessiveness.


MLB Trade Rumors.
Baseball Universe.
Baseball Analysts.
Smart Guys Sports.
Baseball Think Factory

And, of course, your favorite teams' blogs and message boards, with Baseball Prospectus to wash it all down. We missing any? Put your favorite ones in the comments. (By the way, if you don't have a commenting login, drop us a line.)

And enjoy. It'll be March before you know it.

MLB Trade Rumors