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We've always been surprised that Julius Erving doesn't get more Wilt Chamberlain-esque cred for libido size. The guy fathers tennis players, shows up in sex tapes and pretty much is the walking manifestation of the dangers of Cialis. Plus, we've always thought he's the real-world equivalent of the grandfather on The Boondocks. We know Chamberlain had the famous 20,000 number, but we bet, in recent years, Erving has made significant gains.

And, according to the Philadelphia Daily News, Erving is still out there trying to spread his seed. And just to make sure there aren't any more unfortunate accidents that send his offspring into athletic glory, he's wading in the shallow end of the gene pool.

In [the final episode of "Real World" Austin," castmate Lacey says that while in Costa Rica, she and the other female castmates were hit on in by "this old guy."

The girls learned later the old head, who wasn't shown, was Dr. J.The name wasn't known by the girls, but the male castmates were surprised they didn't welcome Julius Erving's advances.

Come on, Lacey, whom are you trying to kid? Respect the Doctor.

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