The Hot Stove news is coming fast and furious. Here's a roundup.
• Astros, Clemens part ways in tearful train-leaving-the-station scene. [Crawfish Boxes]
• Rangers dump Rogers, but say he can still come by occasionally to hit camera guys. Oh, and look: There goes Soriano! [Baseball Time In Arlington]
• Yankees slap a dozen stamps on Womack's forehead and ship him to Reds. [Reds (And Blues)]
• Red Sox trade Renteria to Braves for young prospect. Oh well, another $40 million down the drain. [Boston Blood Sox]
• Oh, how can I say made at you? Hoffman will stay with Padres. [Gas Lamp Ball]
• End of respective eras: Piazza out with Mets; Thomas done with ChiSox. [Athletics Nation]