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What Julio Franco has done, playing professional baseball well into his late 40s, is amazing, astounding, incredible, whatever you want to call it. We salute the elderly when they find things to keep active and useful.

And so, apparently, does Mets general manager Omar Minaya. In one of those stories we are going to very much enjoy tracking in this fine city of ours, the Mets are about to sign the 47-year-old first baseman. He'll be backing up Carlos Delgado


But that's not all: It's a two-year deal. At the end of the contract, Franco will be 49 years old. Forty-nine.

Just for a little perspective: Don Mattingly will soon turn 49. If you consider 2010 "soon."

Mets Ink 90-Year-Old To Two-Year Deal [Three True Outcomes]