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Earlier this week, we directed you to the report that Stephen A. Smith brought two bodyguards with him into the press box (and the press box bathroom) at the UCLA-USC game last Saturday. At the time, we gave Stephen A. the benefit of the doubt; celebrity is a funny thing, and you just never know if the guy has received a specific threat, or whatever.

Well, OK, now you know. Smith spoke to The New York Post:

"You never know, especially when you are in an environment like that, how people will act; especially when people are drinking beer and doing all that stuff, preparing themselves for game time. So I went up to the press box because I had to use the bathroom and I was starving. So I went up to the bathroom and the officers were like, 'We were instructed to go wherever y'all go.' Since a bunch of us went to the press box, they came up to the press box."

So, in other words, no specific threat. Just a need to keep Stephen A. away from the fan riff-raff. Got it. Understood.


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