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Today's final athlete run-in story is about one of our favorite people around here: Famed party guy Derek Lowe, who never met a lady (or ladies) he couldn't slur over. This story almost makes you feel a little bad for Lowe, until you visit On The DL and check out some of the great tales over there. But anyway, to our story, from Mike in Boston.

It's common knowledge in Boston that the players like to hit the bars after games. While some made a name for themselves last year with their boozing (just take a look at the pics from "On the DL"), none were as infamous as Derek Lowe in his time here. His lifestyle has been well chronicled since his departure from the city, but most people knew what was going on. One of my sister's friends saw Derek pitch a few years back. He threw real well and got the win. After the game, my sister's friend went to Landsdowne Street. For the people that don't know, that's the street directly behind the wall or "green monster" with a bunch of clubs and bars. He was standing in one of the places when an already drunk DLowe stumbled in with two girls under his arms... neither of which was his GORGEOUS wife. He approaches Derek to have this convo: Friend: Hey Derek, great game tonight. You pitched well. Lowe: (slurring) Thanks man. Friend: I wonder if your wife and kids were watching. Lowe: (expletive) you! At that point, the two women immediately ran away, prompting Derek to chase them down. I want to say that was karma for Derek, but the man code of law was kind of broken here. Still funny nonetheless.

For the record, we highly recommend you not do this when you run into an athlete at a bar. Just a suggestion.

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