While I was trying to figure out a way to not feel like Carson Daly to Will's Conan O'Brien...

• College basketball: Iowa 60, Iowa State 72. First the Hawkeyes lose to Northern Iowa, and now to Iowa State. You might want to strike while the iron's hot and get the Hawkeyes on the schedule, Emmaus Bible College Eagles.
• NBA: Lakers 93, Bulls 80, on the night they retired Scottie Pippen's #33. Perhaps not coincidental to the Lakers win: Kobe had 8 assists and every Laker starter finished in double figures.
• College football: Northern Iowa 40, Texas State 37. Wasn't Texas State the team in Necessary Roughness? But in the movie, they were the Fightin' Armadillos. In reality, they're the Bobcats. They also lost... which I guess is what happens when you try to win without Scott Bakula.