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CAW. CAW. Or, you know, whatever kind of a frightening noise a cardinal might make...

Neil Rackers, or as I like to call him, league MVP, is coming back two weeks early from a torn calf in his plant leg. Len Pasquarelli broke the news on ESPN earlier today. The initial prognosis was for Rack to miss three weeks, but he'll only miss one. That's the kind of bad-ass that Neil Rackers is. The man is a warrior. CAW.


The Redskins are 4 point favorites over the Cardinals tomorrow, which, considering this news, makes the bookies look a little bit silly right now. By morning, the line will probably have changed to the Redskins getting about 17 points.

And by the way, I apologize for that Dick Vitale picture below. I hope this makes up for it.