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I really don't see it. The only outside chance Young has is if somehow, Leinart and Bush split the west coast votes, and that the east coast bias is far more powerful than any of us think. Actually, that wouldn't even work. It would have to be a Texas bias, or just an outright west coast hatred.

And if Reggie Bush is anything like this guy, who he may or may not have some things in common with, then he might not even need to win the popular vote to walk out of there with the Heisman.


The good news is that Vince Young really wants to win, and really believes he should win. So when Reggie steps up to collect his award, there may be some kind of intense staredown like the one that took place between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant before Wrestlemania IV. And then maybe they'll play the Rose Bowl inside a steel cage.

Comparing Bushes [Boi from Troy]