Penguins center and Russia's most eligible bachelor Evgeni Malkin has been on Instagram for an entire year. We regret that we've only now made this discovery.

We've documented Malkin's celebrated social media prowess before. But that was just Malkin on Twitter. This? You can get lost in this. Even if it's not quite as amazing as Sammy Sosa's Pinterest page, it's still Evgeni Malkin in real life as his awkward, fun-loving self. лучший.

Look, it's Malkin aquaboarding. Malkin with parakeets. Malkin pretending to play the stand-up bass. Malkin as Batman. Malkin with goats. Malkin in the locker room with puppies. The masked Malkin. Malkin with a lobster. Malkin holding a giant fake shark. And so much more. We've collected a bunch of photos for you below, but be sure to check out the rest at Malkin's Instagram page, complete with their original Russian captions.