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The grand tradition of the day after the NFL season came through in full force this year: Six NFL coaches were relieved from their duties on "Black Monday." One of them, Dick Vermeil โ€” who is about to be played by Greg Kinnear in a new movie โ€” retired, but everyone else went down like a sack of some sort of tuber.

A rundown of the firings, as reported by each team's top blog:
โ€ข Mike Tice. "It was a dazzling action from a proprietor who is unswerving in his endeavor to institute a superlative program that will return the Vikings organization to the top of the pile." [Viking Underground]
โ€ข Dom Capers. "Seemed like a long time coming." [Houston Pro Football]
โ€ข Jim Haslett. "And the crowd goes wild ........." [Black And]
โ€ข Mike Martz. "Glad it was quick ...." [Rams Football]
โ€ข Mike Sherman. "Sherman Cheese-Whizzed..." [Packer Palace]

Of all the firings, we have to say that Mike Tice going away was the one that made us the most sad. Will Dauber find another opportunity? Or will he just go back to his cave and gnaw on the bones of snaggle-tooth tigers. Stay tuned, America!

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