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We remember covering the Illinois basketball team back in the early '90s, when Stu Jackson was coaching the Wisconsin Badgers. We never found Stu all that talented a coach, but mostly, we were struck by how bland and vanilla he was. For a guy who had once coached the Knicks, we were expecting someone with a little flair. But he struck us as a company man, and an intensely boring interview.

Therefore, we weren't surprised when he eventually became a league officer and eventual VP of Operations for the NBA, where he ended up in charge of doling out fines. It was amusing, however, when Danny Fortson went after Jackson for receiving nearly $200,000 in fines for an incident with an official last week, calling Jackson as "gangster." The only person we've met less gangster than Jackson is Skip Bayless ... and that's even kind of close.

Outstanding NBA blogger J.E. Skeets was duly inspired by the comment, even posting a Jackson gangster rap.

Yeah, it's Stewie a.k.a The Don Stu, Me Stewie
Break it down

I got a lot of fining to do before I die
And I ain't got time to waste
Let's make it

You said I m a gangsta and I need to stop finin
I say you re a bitch Fortson, and you need to stop cryin'

You know what's funny? That actually has about 53 percent more flow than anything Jackson has ever heard in his life.


Stu Jackson, Senior VP Gangsta [J.E. Skeets]