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Ever wonder what Clinton Portis might do if given $10,000 to spend in a Best Buy in the span of half an hour? Jeez, who hasn't?

A reader directs us to the 10K 30, a charity event full of Best Buy name recognition that filmed both Portis and the decidedly less interesting Warrick Dunn pouring through a Best Buy with an increasingly bewildered salesperson. Portis' shopping technique consists mostly of "oooh, oooh, I want that!" and he, sadly, does not make the shopping run in costume, but it's immensely entertaining regardless. Our highlights:

• He says his favorite movie of all time is Napoleon Dynamite.
• He buys his mother a digital camera, which she hopefully used to document all her beatdowns.
• He actually does that thing we did when we were kids, when you ramp up your shopping cart like it's a skateboard and ride on the back. He almost runs over two salespeople.
• He claims that he once worked in a Best Buy
• "Man, ya'll got robots and stuff?"
• He spends all his cash in 25 minutes and looks, forlorn, at a big screen plasma TV he can no longer afford. We've all been there, man.

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