Well, this was bound to happen when you take the College GameDay crew to USC for a game against Stanford. Jonathan Martin, who met with the NFL yesterday to discuss the Richie Incognito/Miami Dolphins bullying issue, is a Stanford man and so the Trojan faithful had plenty of Martin-themed signs to share this morning. Show us your worst, Los Angeles.

As always, these Trojan dicks get bigger. Hit expand.

Take your pick

Because he is weak, you see, like a woman

Martin whines more than Taylor Swift

Did your other sign say disgusting things about his sister, too?

Enough of Martin, let's talk oral sex habits


So old

Who does Brent have?

Florida is a bottom tier SEC team, maybe they should listen to the gentleman at Rinaldi's ear

Too late, looks like he's got a job now

Forget Finebaum. If you want your soul obliterated, expand this image and look at the Song Girl to his right