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All right, all right, it's the morning after, and we still can't quite believe that game last night. Some more thoughts as we recover:

• We DVR'd the game last night, and what some of our commenters heard was totally true: ABC sideline reporter Holly Rowe did, in fact, call Matt Leinart "Vince" as he walked away. Oof.
• Speaking of Leinart, here's an amusing take on his post-Heisman NYC adventure from last month.
• All that said, people are being too hard on Leinart. The guy was fantastic in the third quarter and kept his head in a way that Reggie Bush clearly didn't. We'd still take Vince Young over him, though.
• This is one of those games that we'll always remember, not least of which because we know we'll look at highlights in five years and be like, "Jeez, man, half our fantasy team played in this game."
• We obviously think the BCS sucks, but this is the most entertaining few days of bowls we can remember. Hang on to this when the Nos. 4 and 7 teams play in the title game next year.