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If you're unsure of just how cool this whole Web stuff can be, get over to Henry Abbott's True Hoop and check out how investigative reporting will be done in the future. (And we don't mean "with rocket packs," though that's possible.)

About a week ago, Abbott decided to start an "open-source investigation" into William Wesley, the mysterious figure who's close to countless NBA players and is, in the words of one reporter, "either one of the most powerful and well-liked men in the NBA or everything that is wrong with the underbelly of pro sports." Abbott — that's not him in the picture, by the way; that's William Wesley, though he's not the William Wesley we're talking about either. He's just some old guy named William Wesley — had dug up more information on Wesley in one week that any newspaper person has come up with in a decade. (Abbott even put his personal own telephone number on the site for information, and it paid off tenfold.)

And you know any minute Abbott's going to get a call from Wesley himself. It's really an amazing look into a part of the NBA that doesn't get much attention, and it's, well, it's must-read stuff. Check it out.

Who Is William Wesley? [True Hoop]