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Imagine the most hateful sports fans you can think of, stuck indoors because of the frigid weather, allowing their fury to boil. Now give them large sticks. That's your typical NHL fan, just looking for a reason to hate the opposing team. Throw in that whole Canada-USA rivalry thing, and you've got a festival of enmity. So let's sit back and enjoy some of the great NHL hater blogs, shall we, you hosers?

Sports Illustrated called them the most hated team in all of sports. Why are the Toronto Maple Leafs so despised? It's not like they're carting off the Stanley Cup every other year (actually, not since 1967). Maybe it's simply because they're from Toronto, considered by many Canadians as kind of a Land of Oz — if Oz were a cold, gray, bland, dirty, unfriendly place full of winos and jerks. Fill us in if we're off base with any of this. Anyway, seems that a lot of people hate the Leafs. And now, let us visit that Cavalcade of Enmity:

3. Anti Toronto Maple Leafs Fan Club. There's not a lot to this site, as they seem to have put all their resources into costuming and location expenses for their amusing and somewhat disturbing home page photo.
2. The Leafs Suck. Several anti-Leafs songs to fill your iPod with loathing.
1. The Anti-Leafs Page. Hating the Maple Leafs, by the numbers.