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We've slipped on "Cold Pizza" and "Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith", but boy, today did we ever hit the jackpot: "ESPN Hollywood." We just received this email:


We are interested in seeing if we might be able to show the photo of Ichiro Suzuki's cameo appearance on the Japanese program "Tamara" in the news portion today of our program ESPN Hollywood. We would be producing a short news item basically commenting on the story and we would like to be able to also include the photo. I would be happy to credit your website or whoever you would like in exchange for our use.
ESPN Hollywood is a news and information program airing five days a week on ESPN2. This segment would air in North America with one time with one repeat within twenty-four hours only.

As mentioned we would like to include this in today's program and would therefore need to get permission by 11:30 am pacific time.

Hell, we might even watch. That Mario Lopez, the kid, we don't know what it is, but he's GOT IT!

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