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The NFL playoffs start this weekend, and we can't wait. We'll be previewing all four games throughout the day today.

Our rooting interests in this first wild-card game is clear; nothing against the Buccaneers, but our hearts would sink if we really thought we'd seen Clinton Portis' act for the final time.

This is the first playoff game of the weekend, which means the smiling, welcoming face leading us into the playoffs will be Jon Gruden's. Plus, we should see that old clip of Chris Berman, when he was "skinny," catching a pass from a Buccaneers practice anytime now.

A roundup of picks from around the Web, including our own. Warning: Our picks are almost always wrong.


Bill Simmons: Redskins.
Daily Quickie's Instant Histrionics: Redskins.
Harmon Forecast: Buccaneers.
NFL Spam: Redskins.
Onside Kicks: Redskins
Peter King: Redskins.
Paul Zimmerman: Redskins.
• DEADSPIN PICK: Buccaneers. Sadly.

(Give us your predictions and rationales in the comments, if you're up for it.)