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We tried to remain silent about this, but let's face it, we're weak. In a story that's a couple of days old by now, a youth soccer team in Orlando for a tournament got a big surprise at their hotel when they checked in and found themselves in the midst of a raunchy swingers convention.

"We thought we were coming to Orlando, not the Las Vegas Strip," said Mark Gilbert, the father of a boy who plays on the Clearwater Chargers, a group of 13-and-under players from Florida. The teams booked the $92-a-night rooms for Disney's Soccer Showcase and said hotel management did not tell them about the swingers' party or try to keep the uninhibited adults away from their children.

The Associated Press story goes on: "The kids could see through the glass atrium into the ballroom where naked people were dancing," one parent said. "There were exposed breasts, thongs and see-through dresses on women who were not wearing any underwear."

We were going to make a joke here about soccer players not being allowed to use their hands, but it seems so obvious. So let's just move on.

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