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If you have the stomach for yet another Manny Ramirez update, apparently he told ESPNDeportes that he plans to say in Boston.

"No hay cambio. Voy a quedarme en Boston, donde conozco el sistema y tengo mis amistades, especialmente mi compa ero David Ortiz", dijo Ram rez el jueves a

OK, we don't know what that means. Try this one, from The Boston Herald.

Ramirez, according to the source, has for the moment moved on from his threat of not reporting to spring training if he is not traded and now wants to work through his issues with the team. Those talks may or may not wind up being successful and there may be rocky roads ahead, but Ramirez comments, according to the source, should be viewed from the perspective of someone who wants to take a stab at making things better with the team that still owes him $57 million over the next three seasons.

We'll assume this put those "affair with the batgirl" rumors to rest, though, again, all it's gonna take is for someone to flash a shiny object and say, "Hey, Manny, over here, over HERE!" and we'll jump through these silly hoops all over again.


Manny Just Might Stay [Boston Herald]
Decidido A Quedarse En Boston [ESPN Deportes]

(Update: Of course, now Manny and his agent say he might leave after all. Nice.)