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Well, the rumors were true, if they're not too lame to actually be called rumors: Dennis Rodman, who "has more going on in his life than ever before", is appearing on the Big Brother program, living in the house, all that.

As Rodman's manager told us, Rodman was "offered the highest salary for a reality-based program oversees (sic)." A Deadspin spy "oversees" informs us:

The show started last night and from the moment he walked into the house he had his shades & baseball cap on and wouldn't take them off.

The funniest moment was his reaction when he walked in to the house to see Traci Bingham - whom he clearly had some sort of thing with at some stage.

Anyway, he started cracking on to the Blonde girl but was hilariously ridiculous - one time when talking to her, he turns to another guest and goes "is she shaved?"


Yeah. Blackballed from the NBA. That's the ticket.

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