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For some reason, we're more excited about this playoff game than any of the others, though we know we're in the minority. We think it's because the NFL world is always happier and more in balance when you see teams like the Bengals — or the Texans, or the Lions, or (lo!) the Buzzsaw — make the playoffs. Think of it this way: Is it more fun to watch last year's boring Vikings-Packers matchup that will ultimately mean nothing, or is it more fun to see fresh blood in there, with a fan base salivating over hosting a playoff game? We'll take the latter, every time.

That it's against division rival Pittsburgh, well, all the better. Bill Cowher, Chad Johnson, Bootsy Collins ... jeez, what more do you people want?

• Bill Simmons: Bengals.
• Daily Quickie's Instant Histrionics: Steelers.
• Harmon Forecast: Steelers.
• NFL Spam: Steelers.
• Onside Kicks: Steelers
• Peter King: Steelers.
• Paul Zimmerman: Steelers.
• DEADSPIN PICK: Bengals. We still don't know what "Who Dey?" means, though.

(Give us your predictions and rationales in the comments, if you have game. Do you have game? Seriously, do you have it? Take your time. We'll wait.)

(Update: Sorry. We earlier predicted "Giants" in this game, thanks to a typo. That pretty much assured we'd be wrong.)