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This is perhaps the weirdest sporting event of the year, and that includes any 4 a.m. log-rolling competitions that you might catch on ESPN2.

The U.S. Army All-American Bowl is a high school football All-Star game, where, every so often, they'll turn the attention to a kid on the sideline, who will then reveal which football factory he'll attending. And most of the time, the clever little devils will pick up the wrong hat first, and then switch to the hat of the school that they've decided to choose. It's high-brow entertainment. The dude pictured above eventually went with Cal.

And the entire thing in sponsored by the Army. So what we end up with is a crowd full of Army personnel, sacrificing for their country, looking on as we hang on the every word of high school kids who won the genetic lottery. Strange.

The East and the West are tied at 7 in the 3rd quarter.