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That nasty Iowa defense spent the day sweating Dee Brown into a 2-of-14 performance from field, holding him to just six points and polishing off a 63-48 Iowa victory.

The Illini only scored 48 points, but don't think it was a Kentucky-esque sleepwalking performance for them today. It was a tough, slow, physical Big 10 game. Iowa forward Greg Brunner worked so hard on both ends of the court that all of his hair fell out. He finished with 8 points and 11 boards. Adam Haluska led the Hawkeyes with 15 points.

For whatever it's worth, Illini fans, Rick Majerus, the best commentator in the college basketball business, thinks the loss will be a good thing for the team.

Just five undefeateds remain: Duke, Villanova, Florida, Ohio State and somehow, Pittsburgh.