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• Anthony Becht and LaVar Arrington seem to have different levels of respect for the recent accomplishments of their alma maters. Becht announced himself as being from "The 2006 Sugar Bowl Champion West Virginia Mountaineers," while Arrington said he was from "North Hills High."
• Chris Hovan has taken the tight jersey to an extreme. They might as well start making spandex tank tops for linemen.
• Coach Janky Spanky gets in the endzone for the Redskins after a Lavar Arrington interception, which LaVar actually may have fumbled at the end of the play. The Redskin lines, both offensive and defensive, are controlling the game to this point.
• Man, I hate Paul Maguire.
• Ooooh, there's a fortunate fumble for the Redskins. Bucs RB Cadillac Williams fumbles, 'Skins LB Marcus Washington picks it up, he fumbles, allowing SS Sean Taylor to scoop it up and head to the house. Just like that, it's 14-0. If you like turnovers, you're probably very excited right now.