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• That's how you get back into a game. First, the Bucs force a 3-and-out with a sack on third down, then a nice punt return, then a very slick offensive drive capped by a Simms TD on a bootleg. That's quality work you did at halftime, Jon Gruden. 17-10 Redskins.

• Right before the Bucs score, Chris Simms steps up to the line of scrimmage at the Redskins 1-yard-line and asks the crowd for quiet. For about the next 10 seconds, Simms motions for the fans to quiet down as they just get progressively louder.

• Damn, even the NFL Network is taking shots at Drew Rosenhaus. They have a commercial showing a bunch of dudes making preseason predictions that now seem asinine, like "With Randy Moss out of there, it'll be smooth sailing in Minnesota." A guy with a banjo says, "Man, that Drew Rosenhaus... that guy knows how to manage his athletes."

• Paul Maguire on Jon Gruden: "They hit him with that bucket of water, Joe, and he almost drank the whole bucket. Hee Hee. He's tough enough to do it." Tough enough to drink a bucket of water? Okie dokie.

• Michael Pittman hits Sean Taylor in the face, and Sean Taylor gets a 15-yard penalty and is ejected. That makes sense. Oh, wait... Sean Taylor spit in Pittman's face. Okay, he deserves to be thrown out, and you know, you can't really blame Pittman for slapping his facemask. That is outstanding officiating by Mike Carey, and an absurdly stupid thing for Sean Taylor to do.