After I posted my kid's goofy Christmas wish list on Wednesday, we asked you readers to send in some of your own. You were not a disappointment to us. One guy's kid sent in the entire contents of the toy section at Target. Another reader's kid had a list that included a diagram (its instructions and purpose were not clear). And I got one list that included "Meet my real dad" as a line item, though I daresay that list was a phony.

Here, in every bit of their glory, are some of the more amusing entries.

Cora, age 5: "Pieces of ribbon w/stuff on them"

Anonymous, age 8 1/2: "Waitress costume"

Mike's Daughter: "Giant squishable cinnamon bun"

Anonymous, age 7: "iPod Touch" (NOTE: This was intended to be a wish list not for the boy, but for his pet guinea pig)

Michele: "My 8 yr old son wrote my two yr old's list for her a la Charlie brown and Sallie. I think sabotage was afoot, the star is suspicious."

Anonymous, age 9: "10,000 dollars"

Anonymous, age 8: "1,000,000 pieces of shrimp"

Alexande(???), age unknown:

Will, fourth grade: "Rob Gronkowski" (Note from his dad: "What exactly is his ranking system? I see Geno Smith has the same number of stars as Brady, Brees and Manning?")

Anonymous, age 11: "More freedom for our country"

Kaya, age 6: "1000 cheese doodies"

Lilly, age 10: "A unicorn"

Anonymous, age unknown: "Go see Thor 2 everyone"

Anonymous, age 6: "Fake pills" (Note from her mom: "Made after my brother, who doesn't have kids, obviously, gave my kids M&Ms in REAL prescription bottles last time he saw them.")

Wellington, age 8:

Wellington's sister, age 5: "A dozen swords"