Losing is no fun and losing 6-3 like Arsenal did today, is even less fun. So what's a club to do? Finger the shit out of everyone. Fans, each other, whatever.

Up top, we have Jack Wilshere giving the finger to the fans. This came mid-match, when the score was still 4-2. He may face a one game ban based on precedent with a similar incident involving Luis Suarez.


Next, we have Per Mertesacker darting across the pitch to shove his finger in Mesut Ozil's face.

Mertesacker was apparently upset that Ozil had not gone over to applaud the travelling Arsenal fans at the end of the match. So he ran up to him and berated him. Ozil kept walking. Gunners boss Arsene Wenger doesn't seem to upset about it, though. After the game he told reporters "[t]he Germans will sort that out between themselves, don't worry."