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She may have gotten hammered, done 50 mph in a 30 mph zone, passed cars on the right, nearly hit a vehicle carrying two off-duty police officers, and kicked out the back window of a car while in handcuffs, but you've got to give her this: the woman takes a nice mugshot.

Gloria James, mother of that LeBron character, was arrested and charged with about 82 different things last night, including speeding, reckless operation, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and damaging police equipment.


And yet, there she is in her mugshot, looking as demure and affable as Mary Poppins on Zoloft. It's just difficult to believe that the woman pictured is the same woman who, just a few minutes prior, was handcuffed, cursing at police officers, and kicking out the back window of a car.

I'm guessing that more details will emerge in the coming days, and I'm sure that Will will gleefully bring them to you as they do.

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