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Garrett Bushong is a third-string tight end for the Purdue Boilermakers. He would be mostly nondescript if it weren't for a DUI arrest he was nailed with back in September. The heartless jerks at the Purdue Exponent had the audacity to print a story about it, and now Bushong is hopping mad.

Bushong, standing up for third-string tight ends arrested for DUIs everywhere, wrote into the paper to defend himself against the blasted student media.


Highlight quote: "This letter is a shoutout to all of the athletes of Purdue. I am personally sick and tired of all the bad ink we are getting, and it is really time to put an end to it. Yeah, I got an OWI, so what! It's over, and everyone now knows about it. ... We're here to stay, we all know what we do for this school and what we give back. We run this place and if anyone begs to differ, I'll say what my good buddy Brandon Kirsch once said. 'You know where to find me, locker number three, so come and say what you need to say to my face.'"

We suspect that Purdue University president Martin Jischke will take him up on this offer, very soon.

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