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You might remember, a few weeks ago ("Fire Millen!), when we mentioned that the only possible way Detroit Lions GM Matt Millen was going to save his job was by embracing the Fire Millen movement ("Fire Millen!) and wearing a "Fire Millen" T-shirt or something.

Yesterday, he seemed to finally take our advice. From a Detroit tipster:

So Millen's wrapping up a radio interview [with WDFN, the station that sponsored the Fire Millen March), and he explains that he has a little story that [the hosts] Stoney and Wojo will appreciate. He said that after the New Orleans/Detroit game on Christmas Eve, he arrived home. There was a fire going, the Christmas tree was up, it was "a Norman Rockwell moment." So he's sitting down and he's relaxing, noting that winning really does make you feel better and his youngest daughter walks over to him and asks "Dad, do you like the tree" and so he looks the tree over, and at the top is an angel and in the angels hands, is a "Fire Millen" sign. Millen laughs and says "So basically, even the angels are on my case."

It's not quite the same as showing up to a game with a "Fire Millen" ("Fire Millen!) T-shirt, which would not only get fans off his back but probably make them love him ... but it's a start.

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