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In a story we mentioned previously, Houston coach Tom Penders was assessed a technical foul after he collapsed onto the court due to a heart condition in a game against UAB on Sunday. Now Conference USA officials are blasting the officiating crew, who refused at the time to take back the technical, even though Penders was taken off on a stretcher. UAB hit two free throws and ended up winning the game by three.

Said C-USA assistant commissioner Chris Woolard in a statement: "We have been in consultation this morning with Dale Kelley, our coordinator of officials, and appropriate action will be taken."

We're going to have to side with the refs on this one. Rules must be enforced. In fact, if it were us, not only would he get a technical, but we would have called him for traveling. And why even delay the game? As long as Penders didn't collapse in the key, the game could have proceeded — with players from both teams allowed to use the coach's prone body as a pick.

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