With one crude College GameDay sign, Oklahoma State student Matt McGann went to Las Vegas last weekend as a porn star's date. Don't give up on your dreams, everyone.

The friendship started back on Nov. 23, when ESPN's College GameDay went to Stillwater for the Baylor-Oklahoma State game. McGann held up a sign that said "Baylor's [defense] has more holes to fill than Lisa Ann." The joke is that Lisa Ann is a porn star. It spread around the internet, and we featured it in that Saturday's roundup. (Look at the lower left.)

Someone told Lisa Ann about the sign—she loved it—and she found McGann on Twitter. They've presumably kept in touch since then, because last Saturday, McGann accompanied Lisa Ann to the AVN Awards in Las Vegas. According to FilmDrunk, she won two awards: "Hottest MILF" and "Best MILF Release."

Thanks for bringing people together, College GameDay.


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