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Sometimes we wonder if the sports world has some of the same problems that the government has deciphering chatter: Doesn't anybody speak Arabic around here? Or Spanish?

As pointed out by XM MLB Chat, apparently David Ortiz told a Dominican newspaper that he's becoming increasingly concerned about the World Baseball Classic. He says — and we're using a Babelfish translator here, so bear with us — that after committing to play for the Dominican in the WBC, he hasn't heard much else about it. He doesn't know when he's supposed to show up, where he's supposed to go, when practice is, any of that. And he's starting to get concerned.


We've wondered about this as well; they just confirmed Thursday week the last of the eight teams. They gonna, like, run drills anytime soon? It's almost February, you know.

David Ortiz Es Electo Jugador Ofensivo Del A o [El Nacional] (via XM MLB Chat)